The wedding Of Suzana and Chris at Ruby's Mount Kembla

The Amazingly Romantic Wedding At Illawarra

How could I forget this wedding? It was beauty, power, strength, and love personified, at some point, I had this feeling that maybe, just maybe my camera won’t capture the true feelings and emotions of this romantic Illawarra wedding.

For the bride, this was the wedding that marked a new beginning. He was from the country and she was Macedonian but they were so in love and had wonderful chemistry that was just intoxicating. They laughed, giggled, and smiled the whole day.

As her son walked her down the aisle, surrounded by their closest friends and family in this small but intimate wedding that celebrated love, second chances and Harry. Harry was their second son and an epitome of their love.

The autumn weather made all the difference as the wedding pictures shone against the breathtaking lush greenery and views to create the best backdrop for this Illawarra wedding. The beautiful bride and her groom brought nature to life with every click of my camera. What a romantic wedding.

After the ceremony and pictures, they walked down to the reception ground which was also at the same venue with the wedding, the beautiful Ruby’s Mount Kembla. The venue radiated love and was perfect for the celebration of the love they couple shared. 

Ruby’s Mount Kembla is a fine dining restaurant and a bespoke wedding center. The event place, home to one of the most loved restaurants in all of Illawarra, caters for all kinds of occasion, especially small and intimate wedding gathering to give the couple and their family an unforgettable memory.

The Illawarra is located south of Sydney, Australia and start from the Royal National park down to the coast of Gerroa. One of the towns located across this stretch is Wollongong.

Wollongong is another beautiful area for romantic beach weddings. The beaches of Wollongong on the south coast of Australia are full of soft white sands, pristine clear waters and the best place for a beach wedding.

Are you planning your next wedding, visit the Illawarra area and be spoiled for choices. Create memories as many as the waters of the beaches of the South Coast or enjoy the charm and serenity of the tranquil countryside. 

Location - Ruby's Mount Kembla 

Gown - Made with Love - Story Book Bridal

Flowers - Wollongong Flowers 

Hair By - Christine Azzopardi Hair 

Makeup By - Melissa Gigliotti 


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