T + C’s


A 25% booking fee is required with in any photography package. This is non-refundable.


I am based in Wollongong, NSW and if you are out of my area, over one hour there is a small travel fee.

Turn around time

You can expect your images to be edited and upload and sent to you within 5 weeks from your wedding day.

Editing and filters

Please do not place any filters onto my work. I work so hard to create the ideal colours for your gallery. It will be a miss representation of my work for future clients.


Ordering prints is something you will not regret. Being the high quality labs that us photographers use, we can guarantee that there will be no fading or no pixelation. Your images will be true to colour. What you seen on the screen is what you get.

When doing your own printing please understand that we do not take responsibility for the lack of true colour or pixelation. Think of it this way, you’ve paid a photographer thousands of dollars and you want to spend a little amount on printing? If you go to Kmart, Harvey Norman etc, your images will not be at the same quality as the labs we use here in Australia. If you do decide to use the cheaper option, download your images onto a USB and take them to your chosen store.

The wonderful thing about your online gallery with Pic-Time you can instantly order prints that will be true to colour, high resolution and will be delivered to your door.

Online Gallery

The new and improved way to receive your images. Your images are ready to be downloaded straight away. Please download your images at least 3 times eg; onto an external hard drive, USB or tablet. Please note, USB’s are dying out and soon they will be like CD’s. (not alot around anymore) Below I have attached an image to show where to download your lovely photos. On the Right hand side, you will see an arrow pointing down. This is where you will download the entire gallery. Also, shop where you can order your prints, albums, cards. There are so many options :)

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 1.24.19 pm.png